The Circle

is a series of site-specific art installations that highlight natural beauty and positive environmental achievements.


Environmentalism is plagued by a sense of never-ending defeat.

We live in an era where oil spills, extinctions, fracking, deforestation, receding coastlines and other environmental tragedies are common headlines. But in the last hundred years since the development of the National Park Service, and the almost fifty years since the burning Cuyahoga River sparked outrage that led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), significant environmental advances have occurred. However, our achievements don’t often make the headlines that our failures do.

This series of installations promotes the beauty of nature and our accomplishments.

A circle itself has endless meanings - infinity, timelessness, completeness, wholeness. The Circle renders this symbolic shape in light. Each installation is placed in a key location within nature, at appropriate scales, orientations, and relationships to the viewer, to highlight environmental successes.

These successes could be a piece of legislation, the preservation of nature, the end of an environmental plight, or as simple as a beautiful moment, highlighted by the art.



Art Installations

2016 Design
2017 Construction

Smriti Keshari
Kyle May

KM,A Team: 
Kyle May
Robert Prochaska
Hansong Cho

KM,A and Smriti Keshari