Yve YANG Gallery

refuses to be white-washed.


Relocating from Boston, Yve YANG Gallery selected the Lower East Side as its new home. Focused on contemporary conceptual art, the form and size of the artwork varies significantly - from paintings and sculpture of all sizes, to immersive installations and full room video projections. 

Rather than creating a clean white box, this gallery celebrates the unique character of the existing space, a former printing press. Discreet interventions are made: threaded insert anchors make a grid on the floor and walls, allowing fixtures to be attached without damaging existing surfaces; embedded connections at key locations allow for wall paneling to be mounted; and a flush-mounted ceiling grid allows for lighting and hanging objects to be moved without disturbing the original ceiling.


Yve YANG Gallery


2016-2017 Design

108 Eldridge St.
New York, NY 10002

Design Team: 
Kyle May
Robert Prochaska
Juan Jose Ortiz Ramirez