Gotham Wellness - SoHo

investigates material textures and creates flexible spaces for a new celebrity acupuncture studio.


Gotham Wellness SoHo is an acupuncture studio based in SoHo, New York. The program is simple - two treatment rooms with an entry lobby inbetween. The lobby is lined in custom wood stacked to create an experience that is visually stimulating, as well as physically and olfactory. The wood is designed to create a sitting area and a display for products being sold. There is a pocket door of stacked gypsum board - resembling carved stone - that seperates the lobby from the north treatment room. The north treatment room is conceived of as an ethereal space - white shear curtains surround the entire space even over windows, with custom millwork housing the necessary products for treatment. There is a play of light from behind and in front of the shear curtains. Through a seam in the curtain, the client can retreat to a fur-lined changing room with mirrors. The south treatment room is lined in vertical felt to create a much more acoustically quiet space. The room is separated from the lobby with a large twelve foot wide, eight foot tall pivoting wall/door with integral storage that can be accessed from either side. When open, the lobby and south treatment room function as a larger place for receptions and gatherings.


Gotham Wellness

Acupuncture studio buildout

2018-2019 Built

SoHo, New York City, New York

Architect and Designer: