is a rigid framework for flexible inhabitation

Sited in Morongo Valley, DOTS is a permanent infrastructure conducive to flexible and temporary inhabitation. A grid - four bays by four bays large - consists of moment resisting columns. The top of the columns, capped with mirrors, align to a datum regardless of the topography below.

DOTS provides a framework that creates a consistent proportion for different types of interventions. Together with participants, we designed spaces that allow for flexible temporary in-habitation - an experiment in collective camping. These scenarios involve walls, shading devices, and camping platforms that can be partitioned in various configurations based on program size, orientations, landscape, and geography throughout the grid.  

DOTS exists as a ‘stable’ configuration yet accommodates a number of ‘unstable’ interventions.


Space Saloon


2019 Built

Joshua Tree, California

Kyle May, Architect
Andrew Kovacs / Office Kovaks

On-site Team: 
Willis Bigelow
Anastasiia Budnyk
Weerada Chalermnont
Amanda Dellevigne
Phuridej Eakthanasunthorn
Ciana Frenze
Max Harden
Lauren Hunter
Andrew Kovacs
Cameron Kursel
Ann-pavinee Langenskioeld
Kyle May
Michael Pickoff
Natchaluck Radomsittipat
Saifa Sathaporn
Erin Wright

KM,A, Zeno Legner