Kyle May, Architect PC (KM,A) is an architectural and design studio based in Brooklyn, New York, practicing across the United States. Our contemporary work spans residential, commercial, industrial, cultural, and public projects. KM,A provides a full-service, in-house fabrication shop that facilitates turnkey wood, steel, and resin design solutions, from architectural elements to product and interior details.

We believe that there are no new projects in architecture. Each project has a lineage. While it may be unique, it is inherently under many influences, each with its own history and conventions. By learning about these conditions, norms, and standards, we can find ways to rethink them.

We approach the lineage and the outcome of each project through a process of generative criticism, identifying existing issues and contexts and defining a purposeful response that roots our design solutions. Our work is defined by this informed criticality, manifesting as identifiably restrained, minimal architecture and design.

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