5×5 : Participatory Provocations is an exhibit of 25 architectural models by 25 young American architects.

5 contemporary issues, each addressed by 5 firms.

Architecture as a profession struggles to simultaneously engage with the public and be provocative within the confines of its own field. Either arguments and proposals get “dumbed down” or they simply aren’t accessible or relevant.

This exhibit argues for participatory criticism – identifying a series of significant popular issues, creative minds taking clear stances and then producing a physical expression or provocation that is then made available to the public.

The avant-garde in architecture has for decades captured its imaginations via two-dimensional representations, but this exhibit asks architects to be just as provocative in three dimensions. The selected topics intend to provoke, but are grounded in issues we face today: a growing income gap, immigration, globalization, technology’s impact on our lives, surveillance, and power.

Architecture has a seat at each discussion.

Client: Self-Initiated

Program: Cultural, Exhibit

Status: Built

Size: 800-1,500 SF

Location: Urbana-Champaign, IL; Cleveland, OH; Providence, RI; Ghent, NY; New York, NY

Curators: Kyle May, Julia van den Hout, Kevin Erickson
Participants: Abruzzo Bodziak Architects, Andrew Kovacs / Archive of Affinities, Anthony Titus Studio, Brillhart Architecture, Carl Lostritto, Club Club, David Emmons, Formlessfinder, Future Expansion, Gelpi Projects, IS-Office, JKurtz, KNE Studio, Kyle May, Architect , Michael Abrahamson, Norden Design, Platform for Architecture + Research, Path + Price Studio, Peterson Rich Office, Sean Gaffney / Christina Nguyen, Snarkitecture, SOFTlab, Studio Cadena, Ultramoderne

Images: KM,A, Robert Prochaska