Avanzar mixes the social environment of a bar with the health benefits of the smoothies it serves, accommodating both slow-diners and the fast-food culture of those on the go.

The smoothie bar is divided into three zones: the front is for short visits and take-out, the center is the bar for small groups and individuals, and at the rear, a lounge setting comfortably hosts larger groups and guests who want to linger.

A faceted wall panel helps reduce acoustic reflections in the space, and the lowered custom lighting grants the space a sense of intimacy. Custom moveable seating in the front and padded fixed seating in the rear each cater to the amount of time customers are spending in the establishment, offering comfortable spaces for all.

Client: Avanzar Smoothie Bar

Program: Commercial, Restaurant

Status: Built

Size: 1,500 SF

Location: Queens, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, Lana Licciardi, Robert Prochaska, Juan Jose Ortiz Ramirez, Brian Waite)
General Contractor: Purewal Contractors
Fabrication: KM,A (Wall panels, Bar, Custom Seating)

KM,A, Robert Prochaska