DOTS is a permanent infrastructure in Morongo Valley, California, created collaboratively for design laboratory Space Saloon’s “community-in-residence” festival, FIELDWORKS. Providing a framework that creates a consistent proportion for different types of interventions, we designed spaces that allow for flexible, temporary in-habitation – an experiment in collective camping.

Made up of a grid that is four bays by four bays large, DOTS is structured by a field of moment-resisting columns. The top of the columns, capped with mirrors, align to a datum regardless of the topography below. Featuring walls, shading devices, and camping platforms – which can be partitioned in various configurations based on program size, orientations, landscape, and geography – DOTS exists as a stable configuration, able to accommodate a number of “unstable” interventions.

Client: Space Saloon

Program: Cultural, Pavilion

Status: Built

Size: 1,024 SF

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May) and Office Kovaks (Andrew Kovaks)
Construction: Kyle May, Andrew Kovaks, Willis Bigelow, Anastasiia Budnyk, Weerada Chalermnont, Amanda Delievigne, Phuridej Eakthanasunthorn, Ciana Frenze, Max Harden, Lauren Hunter, Cameron Kursel, Ann-pavinee Langenskioeld, Michael Pickoff, Natchaluck Radomsittipat, Saifa Sathaporn, Erin Wright

Images: KM,A, Zeno Legner, Andrew Kovaks