Exquisite Cube is a playful interactive seating element that can be easily moved into myriad configurations: a line, a square, and hundreds of other options inbetween. This allows participants to modify the seating to their current needs – adjusting the proximity to others, increasing or decreasing the amount of seating available, modifying the seating type to accommodate laying or lounging, moving the whole seating element to a different location or interacting with adjacent context.

The seat is extremely simple – 9 cubes (each 18”x 18” x 18”) are linked together with a durable canvas fabric hinge at their corners and placed on wheels recessed in their base.

The object’s skin takes advantage of its multiple configurations through a custom painting collaboration. Certain configurations allow graphic patterns to align, but never will all the patterns align – each is there to denote a certain configuration and intrigues the user to try multiple organizations. For instance, when arranged as a singular line, a line emerges down the entire length. When arranged as a square, a continuous pattern is visible around the sides.

Client: Avanzar Smoothie Bar, Inside Out Show

Program: Object, Seating

Status: Built

Size: 16 SF

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, Robert Prochaska)
Artist: Lauren Hunter
Fabrication: KM,A

Images: KM,A