Commissioned by Hello Monday, an international award-winning creative agency, we designed their New York office to promote a productive, human-centric work culture.

We transformed the existing units – a poorly divided, dark wood-clad law office – into a bright, open space. We moved the conference and game rooms to the south side of the footprint, separating these areas from the open office with a steel and glass sliding partition.

Playing off the abundance of plants in the office, the kitchen area is dark green; and a large, free-standing millwork bar shields the bathrooms while providing storage for coat racks, award displays, bookshelves, and a bicycle rack. A private phone booth in the rear is clad with a vibrant wallpaper, and features a leaning rail and subtle furnishings. We designed custom desks using off-the-shelf, adjustable-height frames with custom surfaces and custom monitor stands, granting a holistic and identifiable character to the fresh, employee- and client-friendly workspace.

Client: Hello Monday

Program: Commercial, Office

Status: Built

Size: 3,000 SF

Location: New York, NY

Architects: KM,A (Kyle May, Robert Prochaska) and SMAK Architects
General Contractor – PTU Construction
Fabrication: KM,A (Millwork bar, desks, walnut seat and shelf), Kin & Co. (steel and glass partition)

Images: Robert Prochaska