The design for HUSH’s new office in the Brooklyn Navy Yards is an open office with three conference rooms – one large conference room for client meetings and two for internal meetings. The conference rooms are half glass and half solid wall with a writeable surface. Custom furniture throughout includes a twenty-four foot long “pink oak” dining table, a fourteen foot by six foot large conference table, two small conference tables with red resin inserts, custom chrome door handles, and a mirror polished stainless steel ceiling in the entry tube. Red curtains in the large conference room, blue carpet in all of the conference rooms, and acoustic ceiling tiles help mitigate reverberation in the glass conference rooms.

Client: HUSH Studios

Program: Commercial, Office

Status: Built

Size: 8,000 SF

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, Robert Prochaska)
Designer: Inaba Williams
Contractor: RZ Project Management
Fabrication: KM,A (4 tables, custom door pulls)

Images: Naho Kubota, KM,A, Daniel Schwartz