The design for HUSH, a creative agency based in Brooklyn, New York, brings movement, materiality, and light into the offices.

An open floor plan with three conference rooms – one large room for client meetings and two for internal meetings – its spaces are comprised of half-glass and half-solid walls, including writable surfaces to maximize creative and collaborative potential.

Custom furnishings throughout include a 24-foot-long pink oak dining table, a 14′ x 6′ large conference table, two small conference tables with red resin inserts, custom chrome door handles, and a mirrored, polished-stainless-steel ceiling in the entry tube.

Complete with pragmatic and aesthetically rewarding finishing touches – such as sheer red curtains to filter glare in the large conference room, blue acoustic carpeting, and acoustic ceiling tiles to help mitigate reverberation in the glass conference rooms – each element enhances both the appearance and the functionality of the ample office space.

Client: HUSH Studios

Program: Commercial, Office

Status: Built

Size: 8,000 SF

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, Robert Prochaska)
Designer: Inaba Williams
Contractor: RZ Project Management
Fabrication: KM,A (4 tables, custom door pulls)

Images: Naho Kubota, KM,A, Daniel Schwartz