To maximize space in this client’s home, we analyzed how they used it throughout time, and strategically employed a conscientious negligence of typical, residential space-planning conventions.

The classical circulation and fireplace volume remained, conceptually, as a central white mass, while other internal and external volumes were established with their own unique material attributes to highlight their specific programs. The bathroom-kitchen-bar volume was created as a thick piece of millwork – a distinguished volume directly produced in response to the client’s use of space. The kitchen extension, bridge, and deck are metallic and precise, paying homage to the industrial past of the local area.

Client: Confidential

Program: Residential, House

Status: Permitting

Size: 2,000 SF

Location: Granville, OH

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May) and Dillon Wilson
General Contractor: Hubbard Construction

Images: KM,A, Dillon Wilson