LOG is a competition-winning project selected to be built in New York City’s Union Square for the architectural installation Sukkah City. The design reimagines the scale of the typical s’chach roof, the mixed-material covering for sukkah huts during the traditional Jewish festival Sukkot.

Typically, the s’chach roof is an assemblage of branches, small sticks, and plant material. LOG exaggerates the scale of these members into one singular piece that provides shade for its inhabitants. To showcase this element, we used four pieces of 1″ thick glass with no other columns or supports, so the LOG foundation seems to be floating above. Two programmatic devices, a table and a candle, are hung elegantly from the log to complete the effect and honor the festival tradition. The design epitomizes simplicity of concept, impeccable craft, and the power of restraint against excessive assemblages.

Client: Reboot

Program: Cultural, Religious, Pavilion

Status: Built

Size: 54 SF

Location: New York, NY

Architect: Abrahams May Architects (Kyle May and Scott Abrahams)
Consultants: Michael Ludvik Engineering (structural engineer)
Fabrication: John Houshmand (wood), Oldcastle Building Envelope (glass)
FACE Design + Fabrication (steel), David Schuldiner Inc. (glazing installation))

Images: Andrew Becker, AMA, Human Wu, Danny Wills, Heather P., Michael Ludvik