Sited in Athens, Georgia, Rainbow Forest is a permanent public art piece and the entrance piece for the new Greenway Trail. Encompassing the intersection of art and architecture, the work is an orthogrid of 36 12’-0” high columns spaced 6’-0” apart. Built using standard 8” x 8” x 8” concrete masonry units, Rainbow Forest is an outdoor art display that can endure all weather conditions and celebrates the role that architecture and art can have in sparking the imagination of the public. Each column is painted in two different colors, dematerializing the columns and providing an array of coloration to the field of columns. The colors can be read in myriad ways, from diversity and individualism, to race and sexual liberation, while also commenting on the long history of brightly colored public art work. The work blurs the boundary between architecture and art – habitable large-scale art with no specific program or function. The original design proposal was submitted by Andrew Kovacs, and the project was developed and built by Kyle May, Max Harden, and Andrew Kovacs, along with a team of local volunteers and art assistants Elinor (Eli) Saragoussi and Patrick Sprague.

Client: City of Athens

Program: Cultural, Public Art Project

Status: Built

Size:1,156 SF

Location: Athens, GA

Team: Andrew Kovacs, Kyle May, Max Harden, Elinor (Eli) Saragoussi, Patrick Sprague

Images: Dustin Chambers