SKB Apt is a four bedroom apartment in the Upper East Side, renovated for a fashion business owner and his family. The space is stripped of decoration and augmented by careful consideration of thresholds, lighting, and built-in storage. It features a custom light array in the foyer, venetian plaster, custom onyx and marblework, built-in wine storage, a marble temple, and built-in entertainment center. Modern furniture and lighting was rigorously selected and is showcased on a backdrop of a low-sheen white-washed floor and subtle variations of white ceilings and walls with flush base. New custom blackened steel pivot doors with ribbed glass provide separation of the kitchen from the public spaces, and a large blackened steel threshold invites guests from the foyer into the living room.

Client: Confidential

Program: Residential, Apartment

Status: Under Construction

Size: 2,800 SF

Location: New York, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, John Diven)
General Contractor: Arx Construction

Images: Bottom Line Studio