SSD Apt was in need of a reconfiguration, complete with practical renovations for greater livability. The dining room of the apartment had, originally, been centrally located; but early renovations left it shifted at 45 degrees, an alteration which created a series of unusable spaces around the entire apartment. By returning the space to an orthogonal layout, it once again became a clean and efficient plan.

Constructing deep pockets of millwork created simple alignments throughout, meanwhile providing storage and allowing space for concealed programming such as laundry, a bar, pantry, a temple, and even an office. Walnut millwork, Carrera marble, oak hardwood flooring, and an array of arresting tiles offer a visually and materially rich experience in each space.

Client: Confidential

Program: Residential, Apartment

Status: Under Construction

Size: 1,681 SF

Location: New York, NY

Architect: KM,A (Kyle May, John Diven)
Fabrication: KM,A (Kyle May, George Spaeth, Jesse Lane)

Images: Credit KM,A