On Valentine’s Day, the average high in Times Square is a chilly 32°F – a temperature antithetical to the warmth of the holiday. Meanwhile, steam with a temperature of 358°F passes unseen just below Father Duffy Square as it circulates through the one-hundred mile long city-wide network. Two Hearts proposes tapping into this system to create a warm microcosm for the 370,000 daily visitors and their loved ones.

A heart-shaped radiator heats and excites the air above a large subway grating which is unique to this specific location. The resulting heat haze visually signifies the boundary of this world. Inside, the air feels noticeably warmer. Touch seems the appropriate sense to activate this holiday – especially given the overwhelming sights and sounds of the surroundings. A red neon heart confirms the well-known holiday symbolism, and encourages viewers to look at their city below the surface to see the warm heart that’s more than skin deep.

Client: Times Square Alliance

Program: Cultural, Public Art

Status: Complete

Size: 85 SF

Location: New York, NY

Architect: Abraham May Architects (Kyle May, Scott Abrahams, Danny WIlls)

Images: Kyle May, Scott Abrahams, Danny Wills